Why Choose Aluminium Window Restoration over Aluminium Window Replacement?

old colour window frame, to be restored by aluminium window frame painting

Old aluminium window frame to be restored

Wanting to change your old aluminium windows? But you’re afraid that by ripping them out and replacing them will turn into a costly exercise?

If this is you, then rest easy; there is a new process Aluminium Window Restoration that is used to make your old aluminium windows look and work like new for a fraction of replacement cost.

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Aluminium Window Painting, The Way to go When Planning for Home Window Renovation or Restoration

window painting process

It can be a pain in the neck when you notice that your aluminium window frames don’t look their best. Be it because of old and worn paint or knocks and scrapes from too much use, the first solution that springs to mind is replacement. But when you really delve into the matter, you’ll soon find that replacement is not the best choice.

Window replacement can be a tiring and chaotic process. Continue reading

Aluminium Window Painting

If you are renovating and looking at replacing your aluminium windows because you want a colour change you may want to consider the option of aluminium window painting.

With aluminium window painting you can paint your windows in place without removal to achieve a highly durable factory like finish. You’ll avoid the need to carry out expensive repairs to surfaces damaged by removal.

You can make your old windows look and work like new at a fraction of replacement cost with aluminium window painting especially if you also get a mechanical overhaul and get new weather felts, rollers, latches and locks.